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Azure Spring Clean 2021: Let’s Get You Started With High Availability and Resiliency on Azure

It’s spring time again! And just like last year, Joe Carlyle and Thomas Thornton organize Azure Spring Clean, a community initiative to promote well managed Azure tenants.

You can check out all other blog posts or videos, which can guide you with best practices, lessons learned, or help you with some of the more difficult Azure Management topics at

You can also keep an eye on Twitter for the hashtag #AzureSpringClean so you won’t miss any of these Azure “spring” cleaning tips.

High Availability and Resiliency

This year, Karel De Winter an myself, made a video contribution which can help you to get started with High Availability and Resiliency on Azure.

A key area to consider when looking at Microsoft Azure features is their availability. For most businesses it is extremely important to know the proportion of time their business-critical workloads will be operational. In Azure this availability, just like in most other environments, is mostly achieved through a redundant set-up of each component such that any single point of failure is avoided.

Next to that it is also important to look at the resiliency or the ability those features have to self-recover from failures in a way that minimizes downtime or any data loss.

In our video we look into Azure Resiliency, which combines high availability, disaster recovery and backup, and we talk about the following topics:

  • Azure VM SLA’s
  • Fault and Update domains
  • Availability Set
  • Availability Zones
  • Resiliency for Applications
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Auto Scaling
  • Data Replication

Networking Design and Management

  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Azure Front Door
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure CDN for Caching and Replication

The video we made is available on the MC2MC YouTube Channel or you can watch it directly form here.

We are really happy to be part of this online event and we hope hope you learn something new from watching our video.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our video, feel free to contact us trough our Twitter handles @kareldewinter or @wmatthyssen. We will be happy to help you out!

Happy watching and cleaning!

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