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Festive Tech Calendar 2022: mTLS with Azure AppGateway & AppService

The Festive Tech Calendar is a community initiative created by Gregor Suttie (Azure Greg)Richard Hooper (Pixel Robots)Keith AthertonSimon Lee, and Lisa Hoving.

Each day of December, different content, ranging from video contributions and blog posts to live streams and hands-on labs, will be shared by community members from all over the world.

It’s all about sharing knowledge and helping people learn new things and improve their skillset throughout the festive month of December 2022. This is truly by the communities, for the communities.

You can find all other videos, blog posts, and other contributions at and the Festive Tech YouTube Channel.

You can also keep an eye on Twitter for the hashtags #festivetechcalendar2022 and #CloudFamily or follow @_CloudFamily to stay up-to-date.

This year, the Festive Tech Calendar Team is also raising money for the charity @missingpeople, because it’s important to support charities that do great work. So if you want to donate to this very worthy charity, you can do so directly via this JustGiving page.

Video contribution

In our video, Didier and I want to share our tips and notes from the field on getting end-to-end Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) working with Azure App Service and Application Gateway.

If you want to read some more about Azure App Service and/or Azure Application Gateway, you can do so via the following Microsoft Docs link: Azure App Service documentationAzure Application Gateway documentation

We hope you enjoy it and that you can apply some of the tips in your own environment if you ever require their use.

In addition, Didier already wrote a blog post related to the use of mTLS earlier on, which you can read via the following link:

Mutual TLS or Client Certificate Auth with Azure

The video we made is available on the Festive Tech YouTube Channel, or you can watch it directly from here.

Closing notes

Thanks for reading and watching! We are both very happy to be able to participate again in this year’s Festive Tech Calendar, and we hope you enjoy all the content shared throughout the month of December 2022.

And if you ever have a question about mTLS, you can always contact us via our Twitter handles: @wmatthyssen and @WorkingHardInIT.

Have fun watching, take care, and enjoy the holidays!

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