Azure Heroes: Community Hero

Last week, I was delighted to have received the Azure Heroes Community Hero badger for my contributions to the Azure Community.

Azure Heroes is a new recognition program, announced by Microsoft some time ago. They describe it as “A new and fun way to earn digital collectibles for meaningful impact in the technical community“.

To create this blockchain based recognition program, Microsoft collaborated with Enjin. For the moment, there are a handful of categories that are tokenized into a digital asset (badgers) on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Currently the following badgers are available:

  • Inclusive Leader (limited to 100)
  • Content Hero (limited to 250)
  • Community Hero (limited to 550)
  • Mentor (limited to 800)
  • Maker (limited to 10k)

If you feel someone also deserves a badger as a community hero, you can always nominate him or her via this form.

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