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Azure Advent Calendar 2019 – Azure Service Health

The Azure Advent Calendar is a great initiative, setup by Gregor Suttie (aka Azure Greg) and Richard Hooper (aka Pixel Robots). During the advent period of 2019, a total of 75 Azure videos and accompanying blog posts, all about different Azure topics will be shared by community people from all over the world. This is truly what community is all about, sharing knowledge and helping people learning new things and improving their skill set.

You can check out all videos and blog posts on the Azure Advent Calendar YouTube channel and Azure Calendar website. Also, keep an eye on Twitter for the hashtags #AzureAdventCalendar and #AzureFamily and feel free to share.

In my video contribution for the Azure Advent Calendar, I will tell you all about Azure Service Health, an Azure service which helps you to remain informed about Azure service issues and maintenance. After an introduction of the service, I will walk you through in detail of the different Azure Service Health features and capabilities, followed by a demo.

This year, I have already published a few posts about Azure Service Health. You can check them all out via the below links:

The video will be available on the Azure Advent Calendar YouTube Channel  and over here:

The PowerPoint Presentation used during the video is also available to download via this link:

I am excited to be part of this online event and trust you will take away new things from all the content shared on the Azure Advent Calendar. If you have any questions or comments about my video, always feel free to contact me trough my Twitter handle @wmatthyssen

Happy watching and holidays!

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